About Us

Company Overview

FDT Structural Specialties (FDTSS) has been providing turnkey solutions and services for the rehabilitation, strengthening and protection of structures for more than 20 years. With multiple offices across the US, we provide value-added solutions, engineering support and services to contractors, owners, engineers, and government agencies. FDTSS is committed to providing cost-effective solutions with safe, quality and on-time delivery.

What We do

FDTSS capabilities include design, engineering and installation of Carbon/Glass Fiber Strengthening Composites, Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix, Cementitious/Epoxy Repair Products and Epoxy/Urethane Protective Coatings for concrete structures.

Strengthening & Extending the Life of Structures


FDT Structural Specialties, a F.D. Thomas affiliate, is part of a family of specialized construction and engineering companies operating under ASRC Industrial (AIS), a subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), an Alaska Native Corporation. AIS is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASRC, which provides unique attributes to its operating companies.


For over two decades, F.D. Thomas carried its Specialty Contracting Division which performed services related to concrete rehabilitation, strengthening and protection of structures. With the past successes of the Specialty Contracting Division along with F.D. Thomas joining the ASRC Industrial Services family, it was then established to form a separate subsidiary with a service specialization, enhanced capability and a larger regional presence. This newly formed entity was named FDT Structural Specialties (FDTSS).

Upon embracing the same core philosophies that F.D. Thomas had carried for well over 30 years, we at FDTSS believe that great people doing great work is what it takes to create an extraordinary company. We don’t hesitate to take on project initiatives which require specialized expertise, innovative approaches and technology applications. Much of our success has been based on our ability to seamlessly incorporate best commercial practices and innovations into our line of work. In addition, we stand behind our renowned field crews which in turn are supported by a highly experienced and driven executives. The backbone of any successful company is its administrative staff and the people filling those roles at FDTSS take pride in precision accounting, estimating, project management and cost control. All these ingredients put together help us to carry on with our cores values of building capacity, fostering team work, delivering  quality and ensuring safety. We place the highest priority on the health and safety of our employees and protection of our assets and the environment. Our goal is zero work-related injuries.



Provides caulking, restoration, waterproofing, sealants and roofing to owners of buildings and structures as well as general contractors for both new construction and remedial/restoration.Provides services related to painting of steel structures, complex facilities such as power plants, nuclear, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, pulp and paper, refining, commercial buildings and tenant improvements.


DZ, a San Francisco Bay Area company since 1884, provides industrial painting services. DZ is a certified Disadvantaged Business (DBE) and Minority Business (MBE).

Our Top Commitments


At FDTSS we take extraordinary pride in the degree of Quality Control and Assurance that are implemented into each project. We recognize that quality is fundamental in all of our operations — it is everyone’s responsibility. FDTSS has continuous improvement processes in place to ensure the quality of our work. Understanding that our product line of structural strengthening systems and services provide life safety, we feel our clients deserve the highest degree of reliability with the performance of our work. Top quality installations is our main goal and we strive for it every day. With our unique installation processes, we at FDTSS are confident our clients may rest assured that the delivered product and its long term performance will meet or exceed their expectations, both from quality and cost perspective. We understand the impact of our work on the environment and that sustainability is a key part of our culture. We work with clients to provide responsible, healthy and effective project solutions to minimize the overall environmental impact.

Our reputation for quality control and customer satisfaction is also what makes FDTSS the Contractor of choice.


At FDT Structural Specialties we have a genuine commitment to creating a safe workplace. Our Environmental, Safety & Health Program provides resources for training, oversight, enforcement, proper tools, equipment and hiring the personnel needed to manage this program. We communicate our commitment to the workforce, which in turn allows them to provide feedback and recommendations.

We have a team of full-time safety professionals (including a program administration manager, certified industrial hygienist, corporate safety manager, site safety managers and field safety supervisors) to administer, implement and enforce our Environmental Safety & Health Program. Safety statistics are sent weekly to the president and division managers for review. Management holds bi-annual meetings with the safety department, project managers, superintendents and our key project leaders to discuss safety and create a strategic action plan for improving and promoting safety on the job site.


  • Zero tolerance policy
  • Site-specific safety plans
  • Pre-job safety analysis and hazard identification
  • Annual training and education
  • Specialized training and education
  • Plan of the Day (POD)
  • Daily jobsite inspections
  • Weekly safety walk audits
  • Monthly site safety audits by corporate safety and project management
  • Third-party loss control and risk assessment surveys
  • Return-to-work program
  • Intra-company communications (safety committees, newsletters, memos)
  • OSHA partnership programs (including Cal/OSHA Golden Gate Partnership)


F.D. Thomas recently participated in the Contractor Safety Assessment Program (CSAP). CSAP is an independent evaluation administered by ConstructSecure, Inc. It measures both historical performance and forward-looking factors within a company’s safety program. By achieving a score of 85% or better, F.D. Thomas has demonstrated outstanding performance.